Detective Brian Stevenson Purple Kisses Foundation Inc.

About Us

For over eighteen years, Brian Stevenson worked
as a police officer and detective for the Baltimore City police department. Brian loved being in the presence of  children. He was a father figure and role model to many kids. Brian mentored at The City of Baltimore Department of Recreation and Parks Aquatics Division for many years. While on duty and off duty; he reminded kids of the importance of an education, respecting one another, and to be of service to the community. His aspiration was to assist children and provide them with proper tools for success.

This foundation has been created in Detective Stevenson's honor after his untimely death to a senseless crime on October 16, 2010  just two hours prior to his 38th birthday.  Although Brian's life ended on this date, his legacy continues. 

Baltimore's youth will be uplifted via Purple Kisses.

We are asking that you become a  sponsor and make the dreams of Baltimore City youth a reality.

Fun Facts:

Many ask what's behind the name "Purple Kisses" and the foundation's logo.

The answer:

Detective Stevenson, also known as "Bee", would exit many conversations on social networks by saying "Purple Kisses". In addition, Brian was an avid fan of the Baltimore Ravens, hence the color purple. Brian's statement was the perfect name for such an organization with a goal to love and support Baltimore's youth. Kitrick Stewart, founder of Purple Kisses Foundation, thought it would be best to stick with the name and place "Bee" on the lips. The lips we'd like to signify as the sealing of a kiss in memory of Bee's love for kids, and the many lives Detective Brian Stevenson has touched throughout his lifetime.


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                    Ksisha Stevenson    
                         Chairwoman of the

                       Kitrick Stewart
                                President & CEO

                      Carnell Nichols
                                 Vice President 

                        Anitra Scott
                            Executive Director 
                 Operations & Community Outreach

                            Katherine Reed 
                          Operations Manager
                             Community Affairs